Mummified at Sea


Adventures often go missing while they are out circumferencing the globe in the sake of documenting new perils. This was the case for an adventure by the name of Manfred Fritz Bajorat. Manfred was an explorer of the oceans who was last seen in 2009. Mr. Manfred was found recently off of the Philippines coast.

To be a little more specific the mummified body of Manfred Fritz Bajorat was found. Two fishermen located the vessel in which Manfred was found. The body was located near the ship’s communications. It seems that Manfred might have been attempting to place a radio call for help. The two fishermen that located the vessel were shocked to find the mummified body. Apparently the salt air combined with extremely hot temperatures had mummified the body completely.

Mummified Adventurer Found At Sea

The vessel was for the most part submerged in water when it was found. The cause of death is unknown and currently under investigation. While being out on the water alone many different things could have happened that could have prevented Manfred from being able to get to the help he needed. It is unclear if the communications equipment was not working or whether he was just unable to make the call for help. Either way, this adventure can now find some peace and move along to the next adventure.



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