Muslim Refugees Have to Take Classes That Teach Them Raping Women and Children is Wrong


Reports are pouring in all across Europe of women and children experiencing one of the most horrible crimes imaginable, rape. Women of all nationalities are reporting these rapes. Muslim refugees are the ones that are raping all of these women and children across to Europe. It is so bad they are having to hold classes to teach these Muslim refugees that raping women and children is not acceptable and is not a part of our society.


The cultural difference occurs when these Muslim refugees get into European countries and aren’t accustomed to the cultures. They see women that aren’t dressed in traditional headdresses and believe that these women or children must be prostitutes. Should a woman be kissing her boyfriend or husband in public or drinking alcohol apparently, this is an open invitation to rape them for Muslims. I don’t see this being an issue with all Muslims, but it is happening at such an alarming rate that Europe has experienced a 58% increase in sex crimes over the past ten years. One of the Muslim men seeking asylum Abdu Osam Kelifa was quoted saying ‘ even couples in public or movies locally made there only hug but never kiss.’


Apparently for some radical Muslim refugees raping women is an acceptable way of life. This is extremely dangerous considering the influx of a million male Muslim refugees that are all young for the most part that needed to be taught not to rape women and children when they come into countries that open up to them. If ever, anyone wonders why there is those who would oppose opening up their country to these refugees take this thought into consideration!


To the women around the world, the best thing you can do is arm yourself and be ready to fight when you need to. Take self-defense classes to learn hand to hand combat as well as check local laws for carrying firearms, Tasers, and other forms of self-defense.


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