Mystery Hole with Staircase Leading Where?

A UK couple is upset with authorities, local officials, the original builders of their home, as well as local utility companies due to their inability to provide answers about the mysterious hole that has surfaced in their yard and the staircase within it. Kevin and Emma James stated that this hole first started back in November and when trying to figure out why it had started they dug around it a bit and were stunned to find a set of rusty steps within the hole.

Mystery Hole Leads to Strange Discovery

Nobody that they have contacted has been able to provide them with any definitive answers about where this staircase might lead or what this staircase may be a part of. Many people are speculating that this may be the original hole that was dug to China. Other individuals believe that it may be a staircase to a former storm cellar or perhaps an underground world.

For now, this couple is just waiting patiently and searching for answers while hoping that no one comes up the stairs to greet them. What would you do if a whole started to open up in your yard and had a mysterious staircase in it? What do you think this could be?

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