Name Him Ham and Throw Him a Stick- One Awesome Golden Retriever

The shocking truth about this story is it is absolutely an adorable one. This story is about a golden retriever that should have been named Ham. That’s because when it comes to getting what it wants, this golden retriever has the ability to ham up any situation. When it comes time to leave the park this golden retriever does not want to go so instead it plays dead! This dog can be seen putting its acting capabilities out there for the world to see on a video that went viral back in 2013 on YouTube.

Just look for Golden Retriever playing dead at the park. A very patient owner must deal with the shenanigans of this I fall down and play dead golden retriever quite often. With this kind of problem at hand, it would seem the logical explanation would be to invent some form of technological device that would help this Golden Retriever learn that sometimes lying about things is not right.

After decades of research and studies by other individuals on this subject, the owner of this golden retriever came up with an ingenious invention of his own. It’s called a stick. That’s right to bring this golden retriever back to life you only have to have a stick to reincarnate him. It’s simple just wave around a stick and this once dead golden retriever will spring back to life. Yes, the shocking truth about this golden retriever is that he is one heck of an actor.

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