NASA Aims for the Moon as a Resupply Stop for Trips to Mars


NASA is making plans to move out of the International Space Station. The chief of human space flight William Garcia Meyer confirmed what many had already speculated and that was NASA would not be working towards finding a successor for the International Space Station. Their focus is instead on the moon. NASA has the ultimate goal of reaching Mars.

The moon would make a convenient so-to-say halfway point. This would be most beneficial for Reese applying for the long flight ahead to Mars. This would be most beneficial for resupplying for the long fly to head to Mars. As long as we stay away from the Dark Side of the Moon, where the Transformers and the Decepticon live, yes that same Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd sang about, we’ll be ok. The area of space in which NASA is aiming to reach is referred to as, cislunar space.


There has been speculation that the mission to Mars will be exposed more to the public as the world’s governments are finishing their final phases around the globe for evacuating the planet as it runs out of fresh drinking water. These evacuations will take place with the wealthy and powerful first, then most likely stop there. NASA says they have plans to use a gargantuan rocket, one similar to the type Wile E. Coyote strapped himself to, in pursuit of the Road Runner, to take four crew members into lunar orbit as soon as the year 2021. If this is what they’re telling us this means they’ve already done it.



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