NASA Is Now Recruiting for Mars

While NASA and the government would like us to believe that we have not yet colonized Mars they have slipped up and given us evidence that the red planet is habitable, and we are on our way there. NASA just released World War 1 like era recruitment posters that call upon Farmers, technicians, teachers, explorers and others to come help build a colony on Mars.

There are several different job positions available. One of them includes mining for resources on Mars moon.

According to NASA, you will have quite a view. Farmers are also needed as there are no foods naturally growing upon the red planet.

They are also looking for technicians to help bring technology to Mars as well as surveyors, explorers, and even teachers.

It’s sort of like the saying when the government tells you that you don’t need a gun you should buy 2, well in this case if the government is telling you that we are hoping to get to Mars in the next couple of years the shocking truth is they are already there.


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