New Age Vaccines Fallings From the Sky

We’ve heard of weaponized weather but have you ever heard of medicalized weather? That’s right could you imagine the air around you being medicinal? Some people might think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now, you no longer would have to go to the doctor’s office or stand in line at work to get your flu shots or vaccines. This is exactly what is going on in some places around the world.

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Chemtrails have been used for weaponized weather for decades now. To make matters worse governments around the world are now turning to these chemtrails as a way to vaccinate entire nations. This means you would be vaccinated with something against your will. Who’s to say you want whatever it is they’re spraying to come down all over you. Look at Monsanto.

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They use millions of pounds of pesticides in their foods and have been linked to so many forms of cancers that it’s ridiculous. Imagine not only eating poisoned food but the air around you virtually being poisoned and nothing you can do about it other than to wear a gas mask or go underground. Rumor has it if you live down under you might want to invest in one of these gas masks! What will these chemtrail vaccinations do to the ecosystem or to humankind? These are the kinds of questions that we do not have answers for.

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