New Evidence Reveals Human Existence in Tiawan 4800+ Years Ago

Archeologists have uncovered and unearthed some crazy things over the years. From mummified fossils to dinosaur fossils all the way to tombs of pharaohs and golden bongs but just recently they made a discovery in Taiwan that makes history. Archeologists in Taiwan recently Unearthed a 4800-year-old fossil of a mother cradling a baby. These remains are the oldest evidence of human activity in the area known to man.

A view of a fossil of a mother and baby in Taichung City, Taiwan, April 26, 2016 in this still image taken from video. (REUTERS/via Reuters TV)

This fossil was Unearthed along with 48 other sets of remains dating back to around the same time period. No one quite knows just yet what led to these remains being placed where they were or if it was natural or a horrific circumstance that caused this mother to be buried cradling her child.

The shocking truth is both substantial to human history as well as a little bit heart-wrenching and creepy. The archaeological efforts that led to this discover started in 2014. Among the fossils were 5 other children just adding to the creepy factor of this shocking news story.

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