New Evidence That May Change the OJ Case Forever

In the latest shocking news, OJ Simpson is not so shockingly back in the news. This time, it is for potential murder evidence that has surfaced more than 20 years after the murders of Ron Goldman and OJ Simpson’s former wife Nicole Brown Simpson. A worker that was doing construction at OJ Simpsons former property discovered a knife that was buried. This worker turned the knife over to police.

Now police have sent this knife off for forensic analysis to determine whether there are fingerprints or DNA on this knife. This is not looking good for OJ Simpson. A buried knife on his property. Should this knife come back and connect OJ Simpson to the murder of his ex-wife, OJ Simpson would without a doubt be facing life in prison if not the potential of a death sentence himself. Anyone who remembers the OJ Simpson trial can remember the amount of media that surrounded this horrible and tragic event.

From the car chase on the interstate in California at low speeds to the rioting that was starting to take place around the country the OJ Simpson trial affected everyone. There’s even a series out currently that showcases Johnny Cochran and some of the other attorneys and famous law officials that made their mark on history with this tragic case.

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