New Report Shows its Clearly Profit Before People When it Comes to Cancer

In a shocking new report released by the IMS Health Holdings Group, this week shows that last year we spent over a hundred and seven billion dollars globally trying to cure cancer using traditional drugs. Worldwide spending on cancer-related medications are expected to exceed over a hundred and fifty billion dollars by the year 2020. Despite the fact that we spent over a hundred and seven billion dollars last year on cancer treatment drugs around the world almost 600,000 people died from cancer in the United States alone.

While these statistics may be shocking to some what’s probably shocking to more is the fact that there is already a cure for many different types of cancer that can be grown naturally by just about anyone for pennies on the dollar. If you are not sure what I am talking about just yet please allow me to clarify. I am referencing cannabis. There are several documented scientific research studies that have shown that the cannabinoids found within the marijuana plant have the ability to regulate your endocannabinoid system and allow for the destruction of cancer cells within the body.

The truth is people we could be saving this money each year and treating cancer with a natural plant that has no fatality rate and minimal side effects if any. Instead of spending a hundred and seven billion dollars on Cancer drugs every year perhaps we should legalize the cure and allow that money to be influxed into our economies rather than into the bank accounts of large pharmaceutical executives. The shocking truth is its profit before people.





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