Not Everyone Has Equal Rights to Water

The shocking truth about water and our planet running out of it is that it is happening right here in the United States of America and people don’t realize it. States such as Florida and California have seen water restrictions where residents are not allowed to use water on certain days or during certain hours. Other parts of the United States do not know this struggle. They openly use water to spray off their sidewalks, water their lawns, fill their pools, and other activities which require an abundance of clean water.

Then there are places such as Ordway Colorado. This is a quaint little country town located in Southeastern Colorado. If you don’t move into a very populated part of this tiny little town of just over a thousand residents, you may find yourself without water. Even if you move into a populated part be ready to pay for your water rights. That’s right you don’t have rights to water as a United States citizen like you may think you do.

In Ordway Colorado if you want to have water running to your property you will have to pay for a membership fee that costs $12,500 that will allow you rights to water. You may think you have a right to water, but it is not always going to be there. When it is available, you’re going to have to pay extremely for it. Now that’s the shocking truth!


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