Nothing Sucks and Blows Quite Like This Device

Some people suck and some people blow but very rarely do you find somebody who sucks and blows. The shocking truth is they’re pretty hard to come by. The pretty hard to come by that is if you don’t know where to look. If you are one of those people who happens to know someone who sucks and blows, chances are you know Dyson. Dyson has made some of the world’s most powerful vacuum cleaners for decades.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are known to have a ball. Not only do Dyson suck really good but the ball allows them to roll and reach places that other suckers can’t get to. Now Dyson has gone beyond sucking, and they are going to blow you. More precisely they are going to blow your hair, try that is. Dyson has now turned to creating hair dryers. It is the first beauty product from Dyson.

It is also a very sleek and stylish product that’s safer and easier to use. Not only is it safer and easier it’s also quieter. Just imagine no more hair dryer screaming at you in your ear first thing in the morning when you get out the shower.

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