NY Authorities May Soon Be Able to Prove That You Were Texting and Driving

For Pete’s sake, people put down your phone while you’re driving. There is nothing that is so important that you have to reply to it while you’re driving down the road. If you do receive something this crucial pullover as you are probably not in a state to drive anyhow. Distracted driving often comes in the form of people texting while driving and is becoming just as dangerous as drinking and driving which kills thousands of people every year.

A new bill introduced in New York would allow Law Enforcement Officers to determine if an individual was texting while driving after accidents occur. This would be proved using a mobile application that would only have access to the metadata on your phone. Through this metadata, they hope that this application will be able to tell authorities if someone was in fact texting when the accident occurred without infringing on the privacy of the individual. The application would rely solely on the metadata and would not be able to actually see who you were texting or what you were texting but only if you were texting and when.

The shocking truth about the story is that people are so stupid that they put their lives and the lives of innocent people around them on the road in danger by texting and driving or trying to take pictures and video while driving down the road. We should not have to be spending hard-earned tax dollars on stupid initiatives such as this and wouldn’t have to if people just practiced a little bit of common sense.

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