Obama – The Last American President


Could it be true that the current President of the United States Barack Obama would be the last president of the United States of America?  Would it be due to the potential takeover through Syrian refugees?  Would it be Isis striking from deep within side?  Or will it be because Obama enacts martial law in order to keep America safe.


It starts by taking away your guns and monitoring your every move.  Not just one of the above mentioned but all of the above mentioned happens this way.  An unarmed nation cannot respond to heinous acts of violence. The forces in which are set to protect use are the ones killing us on the largest scale. The United States is falling into turmoil due to greed and monetary profiting by corporations and politicians. Does the name Baba Vanga ring a bell to you? If you said yes then you must pay attention to those who have futuristic psychic predictions. Baba Vanga passed away in 1996 at the age of 85 years old. But before she passed she made hundreds of future predictions.


These are much similar to Nostradamus. As an example in 1989, she warned of an American attack that would be carried out by two steel birds. Many people believe that this is in reference to the Twin Towers attack. She was also said to have predicted the 2004 tsunami that hit during Boxing Day. Climate change predictions and ultimately chemical warfare ended up making the list of predictions that dreadfully may come true. Another prediction that she made was that Obama would be the last American president. Perhaps she saw martial law coming and that America will lose this age old tradition.


Many have already thought that Obama will be the president that enacts martial law and remains in office. Is this notion far-fetched? It’s not. We all should be questioning why the Department of Homeland Security is buying thousands of armored vehicles that are said to be waiting for an emergency. What is this pending emergency that they are so evident is going to happen? We should also be asking ourselves why they bought tens of thousands of crematory urns. Last but not least we should be curious about all of the new purchases of no hesitation targets that include elderly children and pregnant women.


Now Obama is starting off the new year by butting heads with the NRA over trying to implement laws that will make it even harder for Americans to obtain guns. The right to bear arms is a constitutional right that every citizen in this country has. If that law was allowed to be carried out such as it is in Texas I’m sure that we would see a great reduction in crime especially in violent crime. Is this first act by Obama in the new year be a sign of the restrictions that are yet to come? Only time will tell but we must prepare ourselves for the worse.


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