Obama Wants More Money for His Retirement Salary

Why certainly President Obama when you retire from president to your step down if you ever do this you deserve more money of course! After all, you’ve done for our country why would we not say yes to allowing you your budget increase for former presidents. How surprising that as you are getting ready to exit office suddenly you ask for almost another million dollars to be added to an already extremely large budget for past presidents. The fact that a president resigns from a job after just eight years and expects to receive a full pension is a little bit ridiculous.

You are a public representative. You do not even make any decisions. You are told what to do by Congress and a cabinet. Your goal is to smile for the press and relate what you’re being told to say to the public. For this, you do not deserve a $300,000 a year pension or more. You should have to work a full 20 years like any other individual before you reach retirement. Also, with the crappy medical program, you put into place that fines thousands of Americans for not having insurance I personally hope that you don’t get a dime.

The fact that you ask for more money is a slap in the face. A country that is already in such turmoil and economic trouble does not need to spend more money on presidents that put us here. If it was up to me or the rest of the people I can almost positively assure you that your request for more money would be denied. It’s kind of like giving a crackhead money for food you know they’re not going to buy something to eat with it they’re just going to smoke more dope. Pretty much the same thing you’re going to do Mr. Obama.

For Pete’s sake George Bush alone spend as much in printing material and stationery every year as your average low-income worker makes. That being $28,000. Supplies and materials $28,000? That’s a lot of flipping pens and paper clips! What a joke our government has become and what a waste it is to humanity!

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