Obamas Real Connection to Stormtroopers

The president of the United States Barack Hussein Obama is full of surprises. There is allegedly reports and rumors circulating the internet that Obama is, in fact, an alien from another planet that is here to help ease the sensational takeover of Earth. Obama may or may not be an alien, but one thing is for sure he has alien friends. He can be seen recently in pictures that were taken on Easter. In these pictures, you can see how the Easter Bunny gets a pat on the back from President Obama and not as much as a glance or stare.

Meanwhile, Obama takes the time to stop and knuckle bump both Stormtroopers. You heard that right storm troopers from Star Wars. Apparently President Obama has a thing about inviting Stormtroopers to the White House. It is, however, a very fitting thing to see Stormtroopers hanging out on the south lawn of the White House.

After all, an Imperial takeover of the galactic planets is inevitable and what better ambassador to the world’s then President Barack Obama from outer space. He is kind of like the evil emperor or Senator Palpatine from the Star Wars movies. Let’s hope that lightning bolts don’t fly out of his hands anytime soon. Maybe the forces of the Rebellion will be able to ward off his sinister plot to attack and take over the solar system. Just imagine what man will feel like when they realize the other planets are populated too.


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