One Erection or One Direction Either Way You’ll Be Up All Night

Did One Direction just launch a condom line or is this condom line from someone else looking to play off of the band that is loved by teeny boppers and millennials around the globe? Well according to reports, it is not backed by One Direction completely, but they got a good laugh when they found out about it. Well, at least, the band did. Their legal dept and managers though are infuriated that someone would try to play on their status in such a way and may be taking legal action.

one erection

The condom line is called 1 Erection similar to the bands name One Direction, but that is not all. The advertisement for the condom line utilized what appears to be a knockoff of the bands album cover for Up All night but instead of saying Up All Night and having a picture of the five band members the advertisements states “Stay UP All Night” and has a picture of 5 happy looking condoms.

one erection 2

The advertisement slogan reads as follows; “Stay ‘UP ALL NIGHT’ with these FDA approved ONE ERECTION condoms. There is only one direction to go with these babies, and that is UP!”  It is obvious when you look at it what the company is doing, but can you really blame them? What better way to bring awareness to practicing safe sex than to appeal to something that the younger generation already loves?

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