One Mammal is Extinct and Its the Humans Fault

Here at The Shocking Truths, we are always trying to warn people about the devastating effects that we are having on our planet. In what is believed to be the very first recorded extinction of a mammal due to human-caused climate change has arisen. We recently learned that the Bramble Cay melomys which are native to the tiny island in the Eastern Torres Strait have been completely wiped out from its indigenous location due to the effects of humans on our planet and the climate change is that it is causing.

This island which is just off the North Coast of Queensland Australia has been the home of these creatures for many years. It was estimated that in the late seventies there were several hundred of them that called this island home. The last melomys was seen on the island in 2009 and after the 2014 extensive search for the animal in the area, it was recommended that the status of the Bramble Cay melomys be changed from endangered to extinct.


While many may not think that this is that big of a deal when you completely wipe out a creature from existence due to your need for what many consider to be advancement it is only a matter of time before you cause the population of humans to also substantially decrease and eventually become extinct. That my friend is a shocking truth.




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