One Man’s Shocking Discovery About the Gender of His “Wife”

You can’t always believe what you see, and evidently you can’t always believe what you feel either. In this shocking news story, a 64-year-old Belgian man learned that his wife of 19 years was, in fact, a man. That is right ladies and gentleman this individual was married to a transsexual for 19 years and never knew it. Kudos to the plastic surgeon that performed his/her surgery.


The man’s wife named “Monica” was in fact born a male and had a sex change procedure performed before meeting him. This individual learned of this from one of his wife’s relatives. When confronting his wife she did not deny the accusation and confirmed his fears that she was, in fact, a dude who had previously had a sex change.


The question now is was it truly love? Will he stick around? Will they remain a happy couple? Well at this time it is hard to tell but initially, he was disgusted, and as you can imagine very pissed off so the chances are probably pretty slim that they will make it to 20 years of marital bliss.

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