One Mans Shocking McDonald’s Milkshake Experience

Chances are if you’ve ever eaten at McDonalds you’ve had an odd experience at one of their franchise locations. You can probably also admit that the majority of the individuals that work in these establishments aren’t all there so to say. However, I doubt that your experience was as odd as what one man is claiming his to be. Josh Raby simply wanted a McDonald’s milkshake but by the time, it was all over with he spent 45 minutes in the Drive-Thru line with no one else in front or behind him and ended up with an apple pie, a chicken sandwich and one hell of a story to tell.


According to Josh’s claims, he pulled into a McDonald’s in Nashville Tennessee around 1 a.m. and was greeted unlike he’d ever been greeted at McDonald’s drive-thru before. Instead of the announcer on the drive-thru line saying something along the lines of “Welcome to McDonald’s how can I help you today?” they instead stated,”Hey holy s*** Hello you are at McDonald’s, and I am begging your patience.” Caught quite off guard he was like okay you can have it and was praised for giving it. He went on to be asked for his order and after ordering a milkshake and waiting for a few minutes, the gentlemen returned and said that they were unable to make the milkshake but that they had apple pies.

At this time, Josh was a little concerned and asked if the gentleman was okay. He went on to say something along the lines that he had lost his wife. Feeling bad about the milkshake not being able to be made the gentleman offered him an apple pie so he reluctantly agreed and then the guy inside screamed: “I found her thank God.” He was referring to his wife who apparently was watching him from behind the boxes inside. The wife though offered Josh a great deal on his apple pies at a dollar a piece, so he reluctantly agreed to two. Finally 30 something minutes later Josh pulled up to the window to find the two making out inside.

Upon trying to pay for his order, the gentleman said he hadn’t worked in McDonald’s in 16 years. Josh replied that that was  fine and got the response Fine just stands for f***** up insecure neurotic and error-prone. His wife laughed in the background and said that she knew that when she was 13 that he needed to get with the program. Josh went on to learn how the couple had met at McDonald’s in 1993 and was eventually able to pay for his order. When he made it to the next window, he was relieved to see that it was a different individual working but also had a similarly odd experience. The gentleman leans out the window gives him his order and says “you get to drive away” before promptly shutting the window.


If you could only imagine how irritated and confused Josh was at this time to only add to it, they totally screwed up his chicken sandwich.

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