One Place Still Waiting to Celebrate Christmas of 2015 and the New Year

foula 2

It is January 4th, 2016 or possibly January 5th depending on where you live at the time of me writing this. This is what most would believe, but, however, there is one exception. There is one place in the world that still has not celebrated Christmas or the New Year. In fact, they will not celebrate Christmas for a few more days. One of Britain’s most remote islands is known as Foula.

foula 1

In Foula, Christmas Day is not celebrated until January 6th and New Years will not be until January 13th as we know it. This community on one of Britain’s most remote island has just over 30 inhabitants and is very rooted in Norse tradition including their music, their festivities, and their folklore. The inhabitants of this island are the last to speak the language known as Norn. Norn is a form of language from Old Norse that died in the 1800s.

foula 3

So just how off the grid and unconnected is this island? Surprisingly not as much as one might think. They do have some of the common luxuries that people take for granted around the world including running water and full electricity services. Of the just over 30 residents n this island 6 of them are children who are still patiently waiting on Santa Claus to arrive. On Christmas Day, this community will gather together at one location to exchange gifts, and then they visit each other at their homesteads on New Year’s Day.

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