One Shi**y Trip to Krogers

The shocking truth is some people have absolutely no morals or manners. In this story, this guy did something that many would just plain say was s*****. A man that obviously must have been out of his mind was allegedly arrested for stripping naked at a grocery store.

Not only did this man strip naked at a grocery store he also put on quite a show. For several minutes, the man bumbled across the store from one end to the other stumbling and slurring his speech. Many customers say the 23-year old Colin Murphy smelled like an alcohol brewery. Before leaving the store apparently Colin got the self-checkout service was really crappy, so the naked stripper hopped up on the scanner and took a poop on it!

That’s right somebody s*** on the self-checkout scanner at Kroger’s. You might want to think twice before you run your food across the self-checkout terminal or touch one and that’s the shocking truth!


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