Open Carry Laws, A Psychic Prediction and What the President is Up To


President of the United States Barack Obama started off the new year with the beginning of implementation, of his martial law plan. In order for his plan to be successful, he must first disarm the nation by taking their guns. Some politicians in the state of Texas already knew this was coming and then already have implemented an open carry gun law in the state of Texas. This will make it much harder to take the citizens guns away from them. Once they have the freedom it’s really hard to take that away.


The president is calling for gun reform and stricter laws for purchasing guns. He is claiming that this will make America safe. Many people see a similar reference between Obama and Hitler in this instance. Both Obama and Hitler chose to surround themselves by children while talking about taking away the guns from the people. For those who know about the rumored plan for Obama’s martial law, this would make perfect sense. If it’s not something you’ve heard about just Google it and you will find a ton of information pertaining to Obama’s martial law plan.


A psychic that passed away in 1986 who is considered to be the Nostradamus of Poland predicted that the 44th President of the United States would be black and another scary prediction was that the 44th President of the United States would also be the final president of the United States. Is a zombie attack coming? Are aliens prepared to invade the planet? Will we be our own undoing and destroy the environment to a point we cannot survive ourselves? Who knows! Right now I’m more concerned with hoping Obama doesn’t try some kind of martial law shenanigans!

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