Our Biggest Threat isn’t ISIS

The shocking truth is America is not safe anymore. While our government portrays the image it is in fear of Isis we have another opponent that we should be looking at even closer. China is who I am speaking about. The same individuals who fight with bulldozers in the streets.

The same individuals who have over the past decade started purchasing massive investments in Africa. This same country who now owns a ranch the size of Ireland located in Australia. A group of Chinese investors purchased this enormous ranch. Many are saying this will be pasture land for China’s Army, which is building up for a new world domination.

If you’re not familiar with China’s military then perhaps it’s time that you familiarize yourself with it once again. From new aircraft carriers to state-of-the-art advanced Aeronautics China’s military is increasingly growing. Either they are truly building up to protect themselves, or they are preparing for something much larger. The shocking truth is nobody will truly know what is going to happen until it does.

With the air quality in China being as polluted as it is one can certainly understand why they would be purchasing such massive amounts of land in desert climates such as Africa and Australia. These climates are not uninhabitable. They require adapting modernize technological advances to a simpler way of living that the Chinese are already accustomed to. The shocking truth is trying to picture Chinese Australian Ranchers. It is said this may be the name of the new K-pop band!


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