Our World Has Been Invaded and It’s Right in Front of You

Our world may not be the only one out there, and world leaders have known this in the past as much as they do today. Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev were two individuals when it comes to world leaders that made agreements to help fight aliens together. Ronald Reagan was a sci-fi geek who is have said to have appointed writers into a think tank to cover alien conspiracy and tech scenarios. Even in the heightened time of the Cold War, Gorbachev and Reagan came to an agreement that should the world ever come under alien attack that the eagle and the bear would be there to defend her.

This should be no surprise as Reagan was the president who initiated the Star Wars program. Star Wars was, of course, the United States defense program created in outer space. It is actually still partially active to this day. What Reagan and Gorbachev never expected was that future world leaders would be taken over by alien impostors. From Barack Hussein Obama to Vladimir Putin, it seems that the world has already been taken over. Now with new aliens showing their faces such as Donald Trump and Chris Christie, the world may already be doomed.

There is hope, however. We as a people can come together and move past our world leaders and governments and understand that United is multicultural and unified and that when we are united, we can accomplish and achieve anything. Aliens would be the only logical explanation for the reason that world leaders would act the way they do. The destruction of nations, the suffering of the people under their rule, and many other circumstances point fingers at political leaders today being invading aliens. With Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Chris Christie, and Barack Hussein Obama, the world needs the cultures in it united now more than ever.


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