Owl Have You to Know Some People Don’t Give a Hoot About Owls

The shocking truth about owls might frighten people and piss some people off. Owls are beautiful majestic creatures. They are idolized in movies such as Harry Potter and adored by western culture. Everything from earrings and necklaces to nesting dolls, wallpaper, and coffee cups have started popping up with owls on them. Not everybody likes owls, though.

In the United States of America, the US federal government is a great example of one of those groups of people that are known to not like owls. In fact, United States government had a unique program where they were paying people as much as $2,500 for every owl they shot and killed.

Of course, you couldn’t just go out and shoot any old owl and get paid you had to be part of a special group. These groups mostly consisted of politicians and the friends of politicians. They would gather and go out on owl hunts. Their hunt would net them thousands of dollars each all in the name of preserving the ecosystem. Allegedly the owls were destroying everything in the ecosystem.

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