Paid Hackers are Legal and Make a Lucrative Living

In today’s world if you have a degree in the information technology area or possibly cyber security then there are chances for you to make a lucrative pay. You will not make this lucrative pay by learning the process and following the guidelines set forth. You may earn a living doing this, but will never really break the bounds to exceptional money. There is an alternative though. If you have this type of knowledge and skills then perhaps you might want to apply them to learning to hack software. That’s right learning to hack software can be done in a legal and constructive manner.

There are companies such as Google and Apple that will pay people to find ways to hack their services and software in order to prevent it in the future. In a great example of a hacker making a lot of bank by using their skills in a fashion not taught in school, the FBI gives us the shining star example. FBI director James Comey has dropped several suggestive hints that lead us to believe that the FBI allegedly paid over a million dollars so they could break into the iPhone of the San Bernardino attacker. Apple is a little pissed off that Federal officials had figured out how to hack into their device and have not released this information.

Now this means that for those who use iPhones because they are encrypted to sell drugs and conduct terrorism over network phones are no longer safe. This also means that if you discuss personal financial information over the phone, it also has the potential of being accessed. The shocking truth is if you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing 9 times out of 10 somebody already knows about it. Unless you pay off the right people you can’t keep anything a secret nowadays.


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