Papaw Isn’t Sad After 2,000 People Show Up to Have Burgers With Him

A few weeks ago a grandfather went viral on the internet after only one of his six grandchildren showed up to have burgers with him after he had invited them to. The one grandchild that showed up posted a picture to their social media account showing their sad Papaw and stating only one of his six grandchildren showed up to eat burgers with him.

Well, the internet was not so happy about this and reached out to Papaw showing their support and love making him an internet sensation overnight. In a turn of events, this outreach on social media lead people to hold a cookout with Papaw where everyone was invited. After a week of prepping and organizing this event was held and over 2,000 people showed up from around the world to have a burger with Papaw.

Burgers were sold for $2 a piece with all proceeds going to the funds for having the cookout, and any leftovers will go to Papaw himself and 9 times out of 10 will be spent on his grandchildren. Attendees also had the opportunity to purchase merchandise that stated they got to share a burger with Papaw as well as share their stories with him and partake in taking selfies.

Could you imagine if we can get enough people pissed off about the thousands of people that don’t have a meal every day and bring together this amount of support for them? We might just end world hunger.

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