Penguins Are Homosexual Creatures Who Steal from Others and Cheat on Their Partners

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When most people think about penguins they think that they are snuggly, adorable and fun. Many people do not know the truths surrounding this species though or they would not think such things. In fact, many people might just be appalled by some of the things I am about to share with you regarding these creatures.

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Penguin mothers often steal the chicks of other penguins. Female emperor penguins have baffled scientists for years with this act of cruelty. Often these Female emperor penguins will kidnap or outright steal the chicks of other penguin mothers. Many times these kidnapped chicks are left to die.

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Penguins are not faithful to their mate, and female penguins are often forced into prostitution. 81% of male king penguins mate with a different female each season. Female Humboldt penguins are 33% likely to cheat on their mates on a regular basis. It has been noted for many years that females are often forced into prostitution sort a say when there is a shortage of stones for building nests, and they exchange sex for stones from male king penguins.  Both males and females are notorious for stealing stones from other penguins nests as well.

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Penguins engage in homosexual conduct. In an unpublished document written by George Murray Levick, he noted some things that he observed while researching and observing Adélie Penguin for an entire breeding season. Some of the things this document titled “”Sexual Habits of the Adélie Penguin” noted included Levick noting several male penguins were engaging in sexual acts with each other, mistreating female penguins and even having sexual interactions with dead female Adélie Penguins. These were simply shunned off as penguins who were inexperienced in sexual relations.

If that wasn’t enough, did you know that penguins don’t even live near the north pole. Hmmph.



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