Penis Fruit and Veggies Are the Hottest New Thing

People everywhere have strange cravings and the shocking truth that some of the cravings that take over are a little different. One that is definitely making waves is new penis shaped fruit. Penis shaped strawberries, and other penis shaped fruits and vegetables are becoming highly demanded commodities.

The reason for their popularity isn’t clear to the bone, and many people want to know whether these particular penis shaped fruits and vegetables are healthier for you or if they are just in higher demand because of their oddity. Reportedly there are even people who are having sex with these penis shaped fruits and vegetables.

Organic orgasms can sometimes sound a little fruity when strawberry penises and tomato vaginas are in the picture. It definitely gives a whole new meaning to going organic. Just do a quick Google search for people who ended up with a certain piece of produce stuffed somewhere it shouldn’t have been.

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