People Are Dying from Hunger but Not if They Worked with These Yahoos- Free Food Every Day


You would think that a CEO that does something of this nature for a large-scale corporation or company has to be a complete Yahoo! Well, apparently  is one of those yahoos. Google likes you to be googly but I don’t believe that the board approved of Yahoo employing yahoos. Recently the CEO was slammed by board members for hosting lavish parties and excessive spending. From over 7 million dollars spent on a Gatsby themed party to free food for anyone who works at Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has stirred up a bit of trouble.


It looks like she may not be returning to her CEO position for much longer, as many board members are calling for an immediate change. Yahoo is already a struggling business that is trying to keep up in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing cyber community. The lack of anything solid being accomplished this year by Yahoo has really caused tension amongst the board members. Most individuals who hold stock in Yahoo or those who are on committees and boards were absolutely disappointed at the purchase of what many individuals consider worthless, Tumblr.

free 3

All of this probably would have been okay but the tipping point that’s got Marissa Mayer close to losing her job as CEO of Yahoo has to be the free food for everyone who works there. I mean can you imagine you can order whatever you want for lunch and basically take it home and have it for dinner. The board members look at that as millions of dollars that were not divided up between them and were extremely pissed off. When they questioned why, Yahoo would do such a crazy thing they found out it was one of their own Yahoos.


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