People Still Live Beautifully Without a Electricity or Water Bill in Many Places

Being an adult can be very expensive. Especially if you have kids. The monthly bills add up because on top of rent, mortgage payments and groceries you also have to pay for things such as power to have electricity and water to be able to shower, flush toilets, and wash dishes in your home. What if I was to tell you that you could cut out your electricity bill as well as your water bill? Well, the truth is people there are people out there that don’t pay water bills and don’t pay electricity bills.

You’re probably wondering how do they get away with this well it’s simple. Believe it or not before the power company and the water company came along people had water in their homes and thanks to things such as water, the wind, and the sun there alternative ways to power your home. This is considered off-grid living. There are many places throughout the United States where you can unfortunately not live off-grid as the government wants to control you and monetize everything they possibly can.

If you happen to be lucky enough not to live within the suburbs chances are you can power your home utilizing solar, and if you’re in the right location, you could even dig a well or have a cistern installed and attached to your home that will allow for you to have power and water. It only could you save hundreds every month you would also be helping to save our planet by utilizing renewable forms of energy.


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