Pesticides, Cotton, Tampons and Cancer- What You Need to Know

The shocking truth about pesticides and fertilizers is they are killing us more and more every day! From poisoning our crops that feed America to poisoning the cotton that clothes America pesticides and fertilizers are wreaking havoc on people everywhere. Men, women, and children are feeling the effects of these pesticides and fertilizers in the forms of rare diseases and Cancers. These fertilizers and pesticides are used on our crops and claimed to be safe by the FDA. The FDA is wrong!

How would you feel about giving your wife or daughter a tampon knowing that the inside of that tampon was packed full of pesticides and fertilizer byproducts that are contributed to causing cervical cancer? That’s exactly what is going on. It’s more than just skin cancers from the poison and our clothes the ones we love are being poisoned from the inside with cotton ?Hemp is a natural, safe alternative that does not require pesticides and fertilizers like cotton does.

Cotton and the synthetic fiber industry stand in the way of cannabis legalization. Not because they don’t want people to smoke bud. Because they don’t want the cannabis plant legal. They don’t want it legal because they know that it is a safe and healthy alternative to their deadly and dangerous products that they have made mainstream with their pesticide and fertilizer buddies. The next time you look on the Home Depot aisle or a Lowes aisle and see all of that endless array of gardening products remember this, most of those products are what is responsible for poisoning and killing our planet and that is the shocking truth.


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