Petition to Allow Gus at Republican National Convention Gaining Great Support

In shocking news that is gripping the public everywhere and has people on the edge of their seats, an estimated 25,000 + Republicans signed a petition wanting to allow guns at the Republican National Convention! Many are hopeful that by signing this petition when one Republican does not agree with the other they will simply start shooting one another. Another rumor that is circulating the internet allegedly is that Kingsman life scenario will take place.

While all of these Republicans are gathered in one spot, a switch will be flipped. This switch being flipped will lead to their cellular devices going off emitting a certain frequency that will make all of the lunatic Republicans enraged even more. The overwhelming support allowing Republicans to carry guns of the Republican National Convention shows that America is tired of the tomfoolery and shenanigans being demonstrated by the leader of these goons Donald Trump!

Even amongst themselves Republicans do not get along or support one another. This should be a good example why we should let them all take guns to their convention and encourage them to solve the world’s problems while they are there! Of course, I mean solve the world’s problems with a peaceful resolution and solution to things like national debt, possibly getting rid of Obamacare, and maybe a little bit into restoring and saving our environment so that we have a future.



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