Pilots Are Flying through What


Pilots of reported flying through cobwebs that aren’t familiar with what fills the sky past the clouds where you and I see. These Pilots are either young and naive or just naive. Any veteran pilot knows when you see cobwebs in the sky you are flying into Chemtrails, and that can be dangerous stuff. These chemicals can get into Motors causing stall out and make your plane lose performance.


These chemical clouds can also be very dangerous for the ventilation system inside of aircraft. Beyond being dangerous for aircraft, these Chemtrails are poisoning our skies and allowing governments to weaponize weather. This year is the hottest year ever recorded in history so far and the hottest year before this was last year. As our skies are filling with Chemtrails Across the Nation and around the world, we are starting to see a forced climate change being brought on by humankind.


The inevitable outcome of this climate change is not going to be good for anybody. The only way that we can come back this horrible climate change that is coming amongst us is by coming together as a world group and making vital changes in our society.



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