Planetary Population Control


The gas leak that is occurring in California as we speak in spilling out more than 110,000 pounds of methane gas per hour is not an accident at all. This is actually being done on purpose according to many throughout the Internet. Why would anyone release such harmful amounts of methane gas frivolously into the environment? It would make no sense to decorate the ecosystem and damage our already critical and delicate ozone anymore the impossible so what would be the purpose? Scientist have conducted studies that reaffirm the planet is running out of water! Something drastic needs to be done in order to maintain balance. It is estimated by the year 2050 that beef and cattle will no longer exist because we will have to make a choice between them or us.


This problem also is evident with humankind’s expansion. Governments and corporations cannot commit murder and kill people any more than they do now and get away with it. From Monsanto poisoning, FDA poisoning, to countless other agricultural and industrial poisonings the planet and the people on the planet are being selectively predisposed. This gas leak is designed to cause health issues estimated to kill tens of thousands of people. This is just one corporation working with many in an effort focused on population control and profit. When combined with the global efforts of monsters around the world this shocking news becomes a shocking reality! People have become logistics.


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