Plastic Chicken Nuggets- It Could Be What’s for Dinner

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with our food being poisoned by Monsanto we now have to worry about other issues when it comes to our health and buying groceries. Issues such as our food containing contaminants such as plastic. This is just the case with our chicken nuggets that you buy from your local grocer’s freezer. The United States Department of Agriculture just made an announcement that they recalled roughly 4,500 pounds of chicken nuggets.

Apparently Applegate Farms chicken nuggets had strips of tiny plastic mixed in with the chicken. I guess they didn’t melt the plastic down before they added it to the mysterious goo that already goes into most chicken nuggets. If this isn’t a wake-up call as to what they’re putting in our food, I don’t know what is. What’s shocking is that people will just switch up from one brand and move on to the next not questioning what is in their food.

It’s not really good for you if when you eat it, it poisons you. There’s a lot we need to change about our ways as human beings and one of the most major ones is the way we eat. So the next time you’re chowing down on some chicken nuggets should you think you taste something that’s a little odd or doesn’t seem right you better check it because chances are it’s plastic, cardboard, or some other weird filler they use in our food today.

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