Playing Golf Makes Obamas Nipples Hard


This shocking but yet not so shocking news is about the President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama. While wars are being fought and soldiers are dying in Afghanistan President Obama is on a Hawaiian vacation. Six soldiers were attacked and killed by suicide bomber in Afghanistan, which were claimed by the Taliban.


Apparently President Obama can think a little clearer on the golf course, or he was not bothered one bit by the loss of the soldiers and the devastation being done around the world. What’s even worse than him smiling and playing golf at a time like this is it appears it made his nipples hard.


This horrendous attack that was the act of a crazed suicide bomber riding a motorcycle was the largest estimated loss of life at one single time of American troops serving in Afghanistan in 2015. Along with three buddies, Obama hit the Mid-Pacific Country Club around noon. As the day progressed, Obama and his buddies enjoyed their wonderful Hawaii day of golf, and Obama allowed reporters to observe him on the 18th hole making a chip shot. He raised his arms into the air and celebrated with his hands up after a successful shot. I guess when the nation is under threat of terrorism, and other countries are under attack, why not take the time to play golf with hard nipples.


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