Polluting the Planet, Polluting the Galaxy

Here at The Shocking Truths, we are constantly trying to warn people about the devastating effects that we are causing to our planet. Just recently a shocking new report was released that shows just how bad light pollution is on our planet. Light pollution has reached a point where it is now hiding the Milky Way from view. This is absolutely ridiculous, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

For the past century, we have devastated our planet beyond belief. The shocking truth is we have plants and other means of manufacturing products, which will provide fuel and electricity to homes and businesses, ones that will leave a positive impact on our environment which is the exact opposite of what we are currently doing. The shocking truth is the only reason why we still rely on things such as fossil fuels is because of greedy corporations and government officials.

If it were not for the greed of politicians, law enforcement, and private prison investors, cannabis would be legal around the world and it could be saving lives and our planet. Hemp grows in 3 months! 120 days, not 100 years! Hemp repairs the soil it is grown in and leaves it in better condition that it was beforehand. It also has the ability to pull toxins from the air in the environment it is grown in. The shocking truth is for every problem we have the Earth has given us a solution.


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