President Obama Finally Doing Something Worthy

The shocking truth is we can’t blame President Barack Obama for absolutely every problem that there is in the United States of America. He is doing something about one of our most staggering and epidemic problems of humankind. An official executive order has been issued by President Barack Obama.  Obama has issued what is known as a cable executive order. Apparently Barack Obama hates to pay high cable bills just like everybody else and believes that there should be more competition for set-top cable boxes in America.

This executive cable order from the president of United States of America will knock down the long-running monopoly the cable service industry has had on this country for decades. The competition will do much the same as it did for home phone service. Giving people options other than Comcast or Charter. Now you will have multiple options available for you to choose how you watch TV.

It personally pissed me right off to have to pay for a hundred and fifty channels just to watch the Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and The Learning Channel. Can I get just those channels themselves? The answer has been no! This could all change thanks to Obama’s cable executive order. Just when we thought Obama didn’t care about the country he stepped up and is helping to fix one of the biggest problems in America, our high cable bills!

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