President Obama is Not Leaving Washington


Rumors have been speculated and are building momentum across the internet saying that President Barack Obama is not going to leave the White House. There is no question that some believe he is going to enact martial law allowing him to stay in office. There are other ways in which he could remain in presidency indefinitely. Now in news that is coming out to help solidify that Obama does not plan on leaving Washington is his daughter is scheduled to attend Harvard.

At a recent comedy like Presidential function, Obama even said he was not leaving Washington. During the same comedic event, Obama did clarify a piece of news that recently was covered by the press everywhere. It was about who was trying to jump the fence at the White House. In fact, it was Michelle Obama who was trying to jump the fence. Obama even said that secret service was able to get her back. Apparently she went rogue after pictures of her started circulating the internet while she was mission impossible style mission feeding and watering her carrots.


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