Profits Before People for Politicians Paid by Pharma

In this shocking truths story, we are going to show you a prime example of how many politicians are paid off by the pharmaceutical industry. Illinois recently enacted a medical marijuana program that allows for patients that suffer from 39 different conditions to use medical marijuana as a therapy option. Just recently there were ten very serious and common issues put up for review to be added to this list.

What was not talking to many people is that the Health Board that is controlled by the current governor in the state Governor Rauner rejected these conditions from being added. This is due to him owning Ovation Pharmaceuticals, who was sued for price gouging along with other offenses a few years back.

His ties to the pharmaceutical industry make him a lot of money, and if medical marijuana qualifying conditions were expanded in the state, this would mean taking money out of his pocket. This is just one of many cases of how our politicians put profits before people every chance they get.


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