Proof of Alien Life On Mars? NASA’s Hidden Message For Anyone Looking

So what if NASA came out and announced today that there were aliens on Mars and they could prove it? Probably total chaos and it would change the way we think about the universe and things outside of our planet.

So without NASA officially saying to us that there are Alien ruins on Mars, they sometimes accidentally slip and give us a picture with some evidence in it for us to decipher. Maybe they do it on purpose for the ones that are looking. Kind of like breaking the news to us slowly.

Credit: NASA

Now this picture shows a pyramid on Mars, discovered by NASA’s Curiosity Rover. The image it captured seemed to be a perfectly formed pyramid right on the surface of the planet. So either extraterrestrials put this here or the Egyptians had a stargate.

I’m not going to take sides as I can see both sides of the argument. Just to give you the scale here, this pyramid is about the size of a small bus. Yea it looks like a pyramid but it could just be a coincidence that this rock formed that way. I will let you be the judge. Either way this is a cool find and we should share it to let everyone else have their opinions.


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