Proposed Millionaire Tax Could End Homelessness in LA

In shocking news, someone has finally had a great idea on how to help end homelessness in Los Angeles. Los Angeles County is proposing what will be known as the Millionaire’s Tax to help fund programs that help to end homelessness in the area. The LA County Board of Supervisors is looking to put the proposal on the upcoming November ballot. If passed this proposal would impose a .5% tax on all of those individuals who have a personal income that exceeds 1 million dollars annually. They expect that the tax revenue generated from this millionaire tax would bring in 250 to 300 million dollars each year.

Just recently LA Homeless Services Authority found that there had been an increase of 5.7% in homelessness in the city from 2015. There are almost 50,000 individuals living on the streets in the LA and surrounding areas. The shocking truth is that unfortunately for many of these individuals it is the rich and 1% that have caused them to be where they are today so it makes perfect sense that those with plenty should be giving back to those with nothing.

Not every homeless person living on the street is a drug addict or alcoholic. In fact, more times than not they were hard-working individuals that were screwed over by the system and we’re not able to pull themselves out of the rut that it put them in. The shocking truth is if everyone helped out a little bit we could end homelessness and hunger worldwide but unfortunately, the world is full of greed and people that would rather keep it all to themselves.




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