Protect Your Balls from Your Smartphone with These Underwear

Shocking news is out, and it goes to men everywhere this time. Just about everybody today has some sort of PDA or smartphone. We carry them around and talk to people, play games, and work. These devices have become a part of our everyday day to day lives. One of the problems with these devices however amongst mean is that they have the risk of causing cancer and tumors for the users.

A company in the UK has come out with a solution to this problem. They call their product The Family Jewels. It is a pair of men’s underwear that has electromagnetic wiring all throughout it that protects the family jewels from the radioactive microwave frequencies that are admitted by cellular devices. The seeminglessly ingenious invention has been tested by different scientific groups including one in Isreal and found to be effective. Protecting the family jewels from your smartphone or PDA may be exactly what you need to do. At $30 a pair, these underwear might be just where it’s at for that protection.

We know all too well that there are many things in our lives today that are not good for us. Many of us realize that we are not going to be here forever and just want to enjoy our life while we are alive and here. If you don’t have a pair of this underwear on your shopping list, gift list, or already in your underwear drawer than your family jewels are at risk. The shocking truth in this story is that the world is getting so technologically advanced that we have to wear wired underwear in order to protect our genitals!

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