PSA: Turn Signals Come Standard on All Vehicles, Even Yours

It’s recent and relatively shocking news to most of the nation that vehicles, in fact, come with turn signals. Many people have thought turn signals were optional for vehicles for many years. Not realizing that they come standard on every vehicle today. What’s even more shocking is individuals who have the amazing feature of a turn signal failed to use this amazing ability to let others know when they were turning a 1 to 2 Ton vehicle in whatever direction they were turning it.

For this reason, the campaign is being started by the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to bring recognition and awareness to the fact that vehicles come equipped with turn signals.

Now thanks to this campaign everyone will now know that vehicles do come equipped with these signals so there is no longer any excuse why they shouldn’t be used. The only time anymore it seems that anybody actually uses their turn signal is that when person you get behind that has to drive down the road 5 miles with their turn signal on while not turning. To these individuals, you are a nuisance and must know this.

Once or twice by accident in a lifetime is acceptable but if this is you on a continual basis, perhaps you should think about taking a cab or bus. Driving may not be your forte. Remember to use your turn signals and use them responsibly, always!

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