PSY Has Boobs and Really Loves Gangman Style


By now you must have heard of K-pop music. PSY formed the hit song Gangnam style and now has revealed her true identity EXID. Wearing a bright yellow what appeared to be rubber jacket with boobs or cones sewn onto it along with some hoochie dancing shorts along knee high black boots a sparkling glitter belts an existing oily body formed up and down at this year’s all night stand performance.


Many people had suspected that the Gangnam style star might have been a woman, but many were distracted by the other cute women that he has in his videos. Surprisingly these women are actually men. There was no drama saved at all in this performance. PSY let it all go out all the way down to the exploding sparkling nipple bra. In case you haven’t had enough of this amazing k-pop sensation for yourself and want more head to the Internet where you can get it does this kinky fun.


Just be careful if you try to use a sparkly nipple bra at home as it can burn your house down. also you may find somebody if you dance your boobies in their eyes while they are sparkling. Kpop music is becoming very popular around the world and even is a style of photography. Thats right people are going crazy for their Kpop photo shoots! I mean after all who doesn’t or wouldn’t want to go to Korea for a Kpop photoshoot. You could be just like PSY and it’s ok.


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