Puzzling Death of Royal Gorge Train Conductor

The shocking truth is you really never do know what day is going to be your last. In shocking and devastating news coming out of Southern Colorado, we had learned that one of the conductors of the Royal Gorge train was ran over Saturday night when it was backing up to the station. The Royal Gorge has granite walls soaring over 1,000 feet high and runs along the Arkansas River.

The Royal Gorge Park attracts thousands of visitors every year, and this is a very heart breaking time for everyone involved. The Royal Gorge train is a family operated business and is quite devastated by the loss of this team member. The train service will be shut down for the next several days while the team works with the local authorities to investigate into this devastating accident.

No one is quite sure at this time exactly how she fell off of the train which resulted in her getting ran over. Despite there being over 100, individuals on the train when the accident occurred. The shocking truth is when it’s your time it’s simply your time so live every moment like it’s your last.


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