Read Our Constitution Before You Think About Voting for Clinton or Trump

In shocking news that is both disgusting and discerning Hillary Clinton is in the limelight again after finding a random $20,000 donation check. Apparently this check just popped up in her coat pocket leaving her with nothing but grins and smiles. How does individuals like this get $20,000 given to them? It is because they mind f*** the people that follow them. Hillary Clinton does not deserve this kind of money nor does any political candidate.

A political figure should be able to be elected and put into office without spending a single cent. The money and I mean the millions of dollars wasted on campaigns such as Donald Trump 63 million dollars in commercials and other absurd hideous waste of money should be directed toward making our country better not worse. This country is becoming the laughing stock of the world thanks to individuals like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It is a sad day to see America falling this dangerous spiral.

After so many men and women have diligently served our nation putting their lives on the line and at times sacrificing their lives for America to become this. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton you are both a disgrace to the American people. The way that our government is running now is not the way that it was intended to run. And in fact, our forefathers knew that greedy men would attempt this way of control, and that is why certain parts of our Constitution were written the way that they are. If you are a little confused as to what this means then perhaps, you should sit down and read the Constitution of the United States of America!

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