Real Life Walking Dead Murder


Sometimes in our society today it seems reality is stranger than fiction. This is the case with this story. A 23 year old man that lived in Prewitt New Mexico is currently facing murder charges. The violent crime took place during a binge watching session of The Walking Dead.


Apparently Damon Perry was a huge fan of this fake TV show. He had been watching the show with a friend Christopher Paquin. Apparently after countless hours of the show Damon Perry noticed something was wrong with his friend Christopher. Damon says he saw his friend change and turn into a zombie.


He then proceeded to stab and beat Christopher to death. It didn’t stop there he managed to beat him with a guitar as well as a microwave oven to make sure he was not coming back to life to bite him. Moses Marquez was one of the officers handling the case and said this was one of the most gruesome homicides he had ever experienced. Moses who had no prior history of mental illness is being charged with murder and is being held on a $800,000 cash bond.

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